Lizhong wheel adheres to the development concept of "customer focus".

Adhering to the philosophy of "customer-centered" in research and development, Lizhong Wheel has synchronously developed over 1,700 types of wheel products for over 20 years. By virtue of strong development capability, the company is among the global supporting suppliers of the top ten automotive enterprises in the world, such as Ford, General Motors, BMW and Fiat. With leading research and development capability in the industry, it utilizes software such as CAD, CATIA and UGNX to seamlessly integrate with customers' data and carries out synchronous development to support new vehicle models of international vehicle manufacturers with PROCAST solidification analogue system and the finite element analysis technology. Moreover, its independent molds development workshops are able to independently finish the manufacture of various molds, such as low pressure mold, gravity mold, multilateral cast mold, semi-solide forging mold, etc.

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