The group has two nationally recognized laboratories, which are currently the test rooms in the world where the wheel testing methods are improved and the testing capability meets the standard requirements. It has over 200 sets of various equipment. Include inductively coupled plasma luminescence spectrometer, universal material testing machine, hardness tester, Zeiss scanning electron microscopy (sem), solid aluminum slag inclusion quantitative detector, X-ray diffractometer, bending fatigue tester, the radial fatigue tester, 13 ° biaxial fatigue testing machine, impact testing machine, 30 ° or 90 ° impact testing machine, salt spray test chamber, humid heat test box, filiform, xenon lamp aging test chamber, the condensed water testing machine testing machine, gravel impact machine, etc., Can carry out four wheel test area (size detection, alloy material performance, reliability and security, coating and coating performance) of more than 90 pilot project, formed from the raw materials into the factory inspection to finished product delivery inspection complete detection system, detection ability from the material, the performance to the size and impact fatigue test, and then to the wheels of finished coating performance testing, covers almost all the auto makers worldwide wheels all the test items. The company first passed the ISO/IEC 17025 recognition of China national accreditation service for conformity assessment in 2008.

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